Why choosing strollers?

Why choosing strollers?

Strollers for children are very different. They differ not only in materials, colors, but also in purpose baby swing bouncer combo. Some strollers can be used only up to a certain age of the child, while others can be easily transformed as needed. Today manufacturers offer a huge selection: strollers for travel, tandem strollers (for example, for two children), strollers with three wheels, strollers with a seat in the direction of travel and against it, and many others.

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General recommendations for choosing a stroller

Whichever stroller you choose, pay attention to the following points:

Model. How often do you travel, how many children do you have, what time of the year will the stroller be used most? That is, the choice of a stroller model will depend on your lifestyle and family situation baby journey. If you have children of the same age, then it makes sense to choose a tandem. If you travel frequently, then the stroller should be maneuverable and fold easily. As a rule, parents change three strollers until the child grows up, which is why many prefer multifunctional models.

Carrycot or seat. Must have a hard back and a solid bottom so as not to damage the spine.

Dimensions. The size of the stroller is determined by the width of the wheels. Take the time to measure the width of the lift, doorway. Consider if the stroller will fit in the hallway. Even if the stroller can be folded, doing it several times every day is tedious and problematic. 

Wheels. The maneuverability and functionality of the stroller be subject to their size. If the wheels are small, then the stroller is lightweight, easy to control. However, it is not suitable for winter walks, slush, uneven roads. For bad weather and “broken” roads, it is better to choose large rubber wheels. Large plastic wheels also provide excellent cross-country ability on snow. There are also strollers with floating wheels – they rotate 180 degrees. They are very convenient to operate, the main thing is that such a stroller has a wheel lock function.

Frame or chassis. This is the device to which, in fact, the wheels are attached. The material of the chassis provides stability and reliability of the structure in any position, while it should not weigh down the stroller. That is, it must be durable and lightweight. Most often, aluminum or shock-resistant plastic is used for these purposes.

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Shock absorbers. It depends on them how smoothly the stroller will ride, and therefore how comfortable the child will be in it. Stability also depends on shock absorbers. In modern versions, plastic hinges or springs are most often used, less often belt ones, since they wear out quickly.

Braking function. The tube brake can block two wheels at once, often mothers prefer it, because it is easy to press. The choice depends solely on your preferences. In addition, in recent years, models with an upper hand brake are increasingly common: this is convenient for mothers who do not stop leading an active lifestyle with the birth of a baby, combining walks with jogging or rollerblading.

Handle. There are handles that reduce the load on the wrist. You can also choose between fixed handles and flip handles. The cross-over allows you to change the direction of movement of the stroller: the baby can go both facing the mother and with his back to her. Finally, an important point is the ability to adjust the height of the handle. This can be especially true if relatives have a big difference in height in the family.

Additional accessories. This is a raincoat, a hood, a mosquito net, a footboard, a bag, a shopping basket, a clutch for mom, a play tray and other parts. They may be sold separately or may be bundled. Decide which of these you need. Also, for safety, it is desirable that the stroller has reflective elements.

Better Parenting Is How Your Child Will Not Be Left Behind

STOP reading if your parenting goal is to raise a child who will survive. You learn that with zero effort, according to developmental psychologists.

It’s about the best parenting practices designed to give your child a competitive edge. You cannot do that with the same skill- set your grandparents used.

They’re All Getting Smarter

Did you know that the average child today has a higher IQ than the average child of just fifty years ago? Your child therefore needs a higher IQ than your grandparents did, just to have an equal chance.

This might sound daunting, but you don’t have to do much here either. All other things being equal, society does quite an OK job of creating the ideal environment.

A New Dream

Perhaps the most rapidly changing competitive arena is the world of work. The 70′s and 80′s ushered in a shift to service oriented economies in many developed countries. Information technology pushed manufacturing further in the background and across foreign boarders. No one knows how long this model will last. In fact some of the most savvy visionaries warn of the need for fundamental changes in the education of children business/finance if the U.S. is to keep its leading role.

What does all this have to do with parenting?

Age-old values our societies were built on once guarenteed success. Those values lost their enchantment since the 60′s. But they’re roaring back. The exception is that now they are required just to stay on an even playing field once again.


So it’s literally back to business with qualities like cooperation/teamwork, inner courage, confidence and responsibility. And in the new workplace adapting to rapid change seems to be a universally required skill.

The big difference now is that all of these qualities and skills are basic requirements, and they require a higher level of parenting skills.